Monday, 14 April 2014

I did it - The final marathon update.

Well I did it. 

Sarah and I before the marathon.

I pushed my body and my mind to the limit and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that it's over. And how very very sore I am. 

I had a couple of personal goals in my head that I wanted to achieve. And all throughout running, I just keep telling myself in my head "it's only 4 hours or so of pain and I will only do this once in my life, don't waste this experience." I didn't want to be disappointed that I didn't push myself to the limit - "SO DON'T GIVE UP!"

At 19 miles seeing my friends and family.

I wanted to run the whole way and I did. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to stop running and walk, the feeling was overwhelming (especially the last 6.2 miles) but I knew that if I stopped it would have been almost impossible to start running again. I've had problems with my knees during training and I took pain killers before and during the marathon to get me through. I stopped once before at 15 miles in a 20 mile training run and couldn't start running again, I had to stop a stranger and ask to borrow his phone to call my husband to pick me up (he obviously took pity on me and decided a hobbling crying lady was in no fit state to nick his mobile). Also I said to everyone before the marathon my goal was just to get round, but in my head I wanted to achieve a time around 4 and 1/2 hrs because I thought I could do that if I pushed myself. And for my first marathon a time of 4.22 I am very happy with. 

For anyone who wants to run the marathon what I will say is - it's the hours of training that are the really tough bit. Sacrificing nights on sofa watching tv with your loved one after a long day at work and/ or kids is a head fuck. Or days out at the weekend with the kids sometimes have to be done without you, because you have a long run that you have to complete. And then there's the recovery time of course. If like me you have a young family you have to have the support and understanding from those around you otherwise it's a battle too hard I think. It would break my heart when my daughter used to cry 'I wish mummy didn't have to run again' but I knew that what I was doing will eventually outweigh all the negatives. I love that I've showed my daughters that I can achieve something amazing through hard work and dedication. Not to mention the associated other health benefits of exercise seeping into their little minds unconsciously. 

Luckily I have no photos of me after the marathon.

I just want to say thank you to everyone that supported me, your words, pats on the back, donations have helped me a huge amount and I am so grateful. So a massive THANK YOU!

Before Laura knew her cancer was terminal she said she wanted to run the marathon. Well Laura I did and I did it because you couldn't and I did it because thinking of you helped push me on. And we raised over £2000 to date for Laura's fund at Saint Francis Hospice. And that is what it was really all about. 

There is still time to donate if you would like to:

And that is the last you'll hear about it I promise. 

Nat x


  1. Somehow it totally escaped my attention that you were running! What a tremendous achievement, I am in total, total awe and you are such a very positive role model (much better than sitting on the sofa in front of the TV which is what I do ;) Well done! Lins (daisychainbaby) X

    1. thank you so much, going forward a nice balance is what I'll be searching for. x

  2. You should have had a picture on here of you after the looked so fresh, so fresh in fact that iot looked like you were going to start your epic run! So proud of you girl, well done. xx

    1. Thanks for your support yesterday. Was also lovely to finally meet Ryan - what a cutie! X

  3. Oh wow wow wow! That is awesome, a virtual high five Nat, you must feel amazing!

    1. It feels great to have completed it now, although still a bit sore. x