Friday, 22 August 2014

"She's alright but her bum is massive"...

Are the words I heard come out of a car as I strolled along to my midwife appointment this week. There was no one else on the street at the time, so I can only assume the lads in the car were talking about me and my beautiful nearly eight month pregnant buttocks.  After feeling fairly happy I had still managed to squeeze said bottom into my Topshop Leigh size 10 maternity jeans that morning, I felt a little bit deflated to say the least (side note – the jeans are old and incredibly stretchy so the sizing is by no means realistic, but you have to take the perks you where you can get them at this stage of pregnancy.)

And it got me thinking, why is it that women (and men too but perhaps not so much) are always being judged by their appearance and why did those lads comments mean so much.  Even at eight months pregnant, when I should just  be pleased as punch to be growing a little mini me, I still feel an intense pressure to look and dress a certain way.  Look at poor Kim Kardashian.  I am not her biggest fan but the way she was scrutinised by the press and general public when she was pregnant was blatant bullying.  Granted, I was just walking along the street minding my own business, and Kim’s business is obviously to be in the spotlight 24/7, but who cares if your bum becomes that much bigger when you’re pregnant and your thighs that bit wobblier.  Does it warrant being subjected to unkind comments regardless?  More to the point, why should anyone have to put up with unpleasant remarks about their size – men, women, pregnant or otherwise.

Saying that, I am currently obsessed by pregnant celebrities.  I will scour the celebrity news sites daily hoping I’ll catch a glimpse of Mila Kunis and her rounded belly.  But to be honest, I am also looking for verification that there are other women who are a similar size to me, so am I just as bad?   I recently had a scary stint is hospital due to a racing heart rate and yet one of the most unpleasant bits of my stay was when the doctors weighed me and revealed my weight after I had deliberately stayed off the scales for the last seven months.  I weighed 13 stone 3 pounds, and who cares?  No one, but regardless I am still spending far too much time thinking about the ways in which I will lose my baby weight and get back into my real size 10 skinnies.  I am not one for fad diets and I am planning on breast feeding again if I can, so my plan can only include gradual and healthy weight loss, but surely this shouldn’t be a concern before I’ve even had the baby! 

So I am saying this for myself and any other ladies in a similar position.  Let’s give ourselves a break.  None of our friends or family care if when pregnant we pile on the pounds, as long both baby and mummy are healthy.  Don’t beat yourself up for reaching for that third, fourth or even fifth biscuit, pregnancy can be hard enough without chastising ourselves for any indulgences. 

So if you find yourself questioning whether you should be reaching for your comfiest pair of joggers for the third day in a row, just do it!  I know I will.

Gemma x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wendover-on-Sea - The Dandy Kid

Last week The Dandy Kid  (a children's boutique) put on a great day for families called Wendover on Sea. It's the summer holidays so I'm always up for different things I can do with the kids. There was Punch and Judy, face painting, sandpits, bouncy castles, lots of cake, and so much more.

Here's my photos from the lovely time we spent there:

My daughter was rather enthralled by this little lady sat next to her on the bouncy castle. 

The lovely owners of The Dandy Kid and their gorgeous girls.

This lady in the striped top is known as the knitting midwife - she had the kids mesmerised with her finger knitting and knitted loom band making skills. 

 Of course I couldn't go all that way and not take a little peek at the boutique itself on the upper level of a converted barn. As you can see the shop is full to brim of quirky, individual finds making it a real struggle to come away empty handed. 

And I was absolutely delighted to come home with a hand knitted neon necklace made by the fair hands of the knitting midwife (of course), that my kids have tried very hard to swipe. Sorry girls no chance, this one is mine! 

So if you ever find yourself near this pretty little market town called Wendover in Buckinghamshire - make sure you visit the Barn Courtyard where you'll find The Dandy Kid and a few other treasures close by such as a fantastic little art gallery and an abundantly stocked antiques store among others. 

And if you don't happen to be close by any time soon, fear not you can check out their fantastic range of children's clothing, accessories and homewares online

Nat x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fieldlife agents in stripes

What is it about stripes, maybe it's the connotations of French sophistication that has us so enthralled. From when Coco Chanel brought the Breton sailor uniform into the fashion consciousness, anyway whatever it is I can't get enough of stripes and I know I'm not alone in this. Whether it's for myself or for the kids stripes always add that instant classic stylishness without trying too hard. 

Luckily for us the lovely British kids brand - Fieldlife sent us some striped tops to road test. 

Tickle giggles are the best kind.

No idea why she did this supermodel pose or who she got it from!!! Erm.

It's either that or this, no in between with my girl. 

Captured at dusk.

I love the way she's looking up to her big sister, she copies everything she does, which as you know can be good and bad :/

Fieldlife are a British children's clothing brand made from the highest quality materials, manufactured in Britain in British factories. The clothes are built for exciting adventures and discoveries, they call their wearers 'field agents.'

You can check out their range here.

To celebrate this Brilliant British Brand we are running a giveaway for you to win £50 to spend how you wish on their website.

To enter the giveaway make sure: 
  • You are a UK and republic of Ireland resident. 
  • You must be 16 or over. 
  • You MUST enter the 3 mandatory fields - each worth 1 point. 
  • After completing the mandatory fields you can enter as many times as you like. Every time you get 3 points you get another entry. 
  • The giveaway closes on 16/9/14.
  • Rafflecopter picks a winner at random.
  • I will notify you via email within 3 days from the end date.
  • You have 28 days to acknowledge my notification, after which another winner will be picked.
  • You will get your prize within 14 days of acknowledging your win.
  • Your email address will be shared with Fieldlife and no other parties.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Street Style Sunday - My style

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of midi skirts. So I thought I'd show you my favourite skirt. It can easily be dressed up or down and can take you from the school run to cocktails at night. 

The skirt is from ASOS and can be purchased here.

The shoes are old and from Zara, but you get the idea. 

Later on in the week I will show you how I dress the skirt down for the school run. 

What item of clothing in your wardrobe is your favourite? 

Nat x

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Friday, 15 August 2014

My Top Five Party Dresses for Preggos

A very lovely friend of mine is getting married in a few weeks time and it’s her London hen-do this weekend.  On an ordinary day, this would have me drag every suitable item out of my wardrobe and throw it back in horror, make a mass ASOS order one-day prior to the event, and have me cry in despair when I realise the only pair of shoes that work with my new outfit tear chunks out of my heels minutes into wearing them, just as I’m about to walk out the front door.  Now factor in that I’m almost eight months pregnant and what was once a minor headache now turns my wardrobe crisis into a major migraine!

Sadly due to a short stint on the a maternity ward this week (an experience I do not want to repeat until D-day!), a night on the tiles is no longer an option, but for my fellow pregnant ladies who have a special event coming up, I wanted to share my top five favourite maternity dresses, which are sure to make you feel more stylish and beautiful and less swollen and bloated on your big night.   

I actually wore an animal print dress to my own hen do in London almost four years ago so this one makes me feel a little nostalgic 

You can't beat a bit of sparkle 

Not necessarily for a night with willy straws in Infernos but a beautiful dress

Pegged as the perfect maternity party dress, a gorgeous design, and the name of course helped catch my attention!

Love, love, love this dress.  If you love it too, move quick as it's currently in the sale reduced from £119 and is bound to sell out soon 

Hope this helps and you have a great night ladies!

Gemma x